Cross River K-5 charter school has empowered students who self-advocate, aspire to academic and economic success and actively contribute to their community and beyond.

The mission of Cross River Charter School is to provide a unique and successful elementary school experience in a talk-rich environment that gives voice to student self-expression and prepares them for upper-grade success. The ability to communicate effectively using spoken language builds confidence and poise. Our classrooms will be alive with student discussion and interaction. Teachers will guide our young learners as they express their understanding of grade-level curriculum content. Our students will proudly demonstrate their learning and their oracy skills with prepared oral presentations. 

We expect our students to love learning. Students who are given choices take a greater interest in learning. The Minnesota State Standards are what our students will learn at each grade level. However, the how they will learn it and how they will show their learning will involve student choices. Our teachers will take on the regular practice of offering options to students when appropriate to their grade level.  

Cross River will serve students in grades K-5 in the metro area. We will celebrate a student population that reflects a diverse community. Our educational framework is oracy: VOICE (school district number). Its outcomes will be evidenced in students who:

  • Speak with confidence
  • Speak respectfully
  • Speak clearly
  • Speak purposefully