Summer School Enrollment

NEW: 2022 Summer School Enrollment is now available.

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Summer School Schedule June 13 – July 8 (no classes July 4):

9:00-9:30         Breakfast (Free breakfast will be provided)
9:30-12:30       Summer School Classes
12:30-1:00       Lunch (Free lunch will be provided)

Elementary Course Descriptions

Math Reinforcement – Grade K-1                        

This course is designed for students who need assistance and practice with counting, addition and subtraction, telling time, place value, and solving word problems.

Math Reinforcement – Grades 2-3                        

This course is designed for students who need assistance and practice with addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, place value, telling time, identifying and counting money, understanding of fractions as numbers and solving word problems. 

Math Reinforcement – Grades 4-5                        

This course is designed for students who need assistance and practice with multiplication and division, operations with multi-digit whole numbers and decimals, telling time, equivalence and ordering of fractions, unit fractions, operations with fractions, counting money and making change, and solving word problems.

Reading Adventures – K-1                                   

Students will listen, read and respond to a variety of literature and informational texts for the purpose of identifying their interests and expanding their knowledge of different genres. Students learn to select “just-right” books and are matched to appropriate texts so that they can read for meaning and fluently apply reading strategies and foundational skills during guided practice. Students use writing and illustration to express their ideas. Lessons in language/word study are brief, focused, and engaging.

Reading Adventures – Grades 2-3                        

Students read and respond to a wide variety of literature and informational texts.  Students learn to select “just right texts”, apply reading strategies, and demonstrate understanding of texts read by asking and answering questions during collaborative discussions.  In addition, students write in a variety of ways to share their connections, build upon their knowledge, and express ideas. Lessons in language/word study will develop their understanding of concepts, vocabulary, and grammar.  

Reading Adventures – Grades 4-7                        

Students learn to select and read from a variety of short literature and informational texts representing several genres, formats, and perspectives. They apply reading strategies to understand what is read, describe characters, determine main idea/key details, examine theme, and identify the narrator’s point of view. Students read closely, identifying text evidence to support their written reflections and collaborative conversations. Students use their knowledge of language and word study to support understanding while continuing to develop fluency and accuracy.

GYM Club – Grades K-5                       

Students will learn about the importance of healthy lifestyles and being physically active. Every day, students will warm up, RUN/JOG, and cool down. By the end of the course, students will run 1 mile around the track.  

Art Theory – Grades K-5                       

Students will explore the life of art and the color theory. The possibilities are endless when you begin mixing colors and new color takes over. The many uses of color and ways to create beautiful pieces of art of this color discovery.